Cerro Coso Community College

Educational Master Plan Feedback

Cerro Coso Community College is in the final stages of completing its next Educational Master Plan. The primary purpose of Educational Master Plan is to provide the philosophical foundation and necessary data upon which instructional, student services, and administrative services needs of the college for the next five academic years are based. The master plan provides not only guidelines for decision-making but also a plan of action. Additionally, it provides a context for the formulation of other critical plans for the college, including those of facilities and capital expenditures, technology, and strategic goals. For the 2023-2028 Educational Master Plan, the college has been working with Gray Associates to examine internal and external data related to emerging educational developments in fields of study, demographic trends of the communities the college serves, and the needs of students.

We would like your input! Although the time is short until faculty are off for the summer, please find a few minutes to review the draft and give us your thoughts and ideas how to improve the current document. This **draft** version represents input already from a group of faculty, staff, and administrators who met with Gray Associates in April to review data on current market trends and provide initial thoughts on a direction for current and emerging programs. This draft version is available now and open for feedback until midnight Sunday, May 7. At that time, a final draft will be compiled in time for Tuesday’s College Council meeting. Thank you for your interest in this process and your ideas for improvement!

Educational Master Plan PDF **draft**