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Social Sciences

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Department Chair
Name Position Email Phone Location
Matthew Jones Professor, History/ Political Science; Department Chair, Social Sciences matthew.jones@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6267
MB 319A
Name Position Email Phone Location
Benjamin Beshwate Associate Professor, History bbeshwat@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6127
MB 317A
Nakysha Cummings Associate Professor, Psychology ncumming@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6385
MB 317C
Alec Griffin Associate Professor, Anthropology/Sociology alec.griffin@cerrocoso.edu (661) 823-4986
Sarah King Professor, Anthropology/ Sociology; Department Chair, Visual and Performing Arts sarah.king1@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6124
MB 319C
Norman Stephens Professor, Economics nstephen@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6306
MB 237
Adjunct Faculty
Name Position Email Phone Location
Christina Christenson-Rockwell Adjunct Faculty, Psychology christina.christenson@cerrocoso.edu
April Eagan Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology april.eagan@cerrocoso.edu
Hector Gonzalez Jr. Adjunct Faculty, Political Science hector.gonzalez@cerrocoso.edu
Matt Greedy Adjunct Faculty, History matthew.greedy@cerrocoso.edu
Maria Heaton Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy mheaton@cerrocoso.edu
Vicki Koenig Adjunct Faculty, Psychology vicki.koenig@cerrocoso.edu
Karen Lawhon Adjunct Faculty, Psychology karthomp@cerrocoso.edu
Deborah Lessany-Abdi Adjunct Faculty, Psychology dlessany@cerrocoso.edu
Ted Little Adjunct Faculty thlittle@cerrocoso.edu (760) 379-5501
Karen Moore Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy karen.moore@cerrocoso.edu
Donald Rosenberg Professor, History and Art drosenbe@cerrocoso.edu (760) 384-6272
Susan Shultz Adjunct Faculty, History susan.shultz@cerrocoso.edu
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