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Please note that college course and program curriculum is a process of continual change. Every effort is made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information below, but students should consult a counselor or the faculty chair for the most current details regarding course descriptions, course applicability to programs, and patterns of course offerings at each Cerro Coso Community College campus location. That a course does not showing a pattern of offerings does not mean it is not offered, only that it may be offered irregularly. Consult counseling or the faculty chair for more information.

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The purpose of this course is to cover the basics of taking an interactive, asynchronous, distance education course via the Internet or other computer based system. Through this course, students use E-mail, participate in online class interactions such as discussion groups and WWW access, and learn about equipment needs and differences between on-line and onsite courses. The goal of this class is to better prepare students for taking online classes by familiarizing students with the online course environment. Formerly PDEV C052. 18 hours lecture.

Offered online only every semester.

Advisory: ENGL C040.

This course emphasizes effective strategies that can be applied in college and life. It focuses on lifelong understanding and development of the self in physical, social, and psychological aspects. Course content includes time management, note-taking, memory skills, reading comprehension, and exam preparation. Topics such as goal setting, decision making, career choice, transfer preparation, and healthy lifestyles are also explored. The course introduces a variety of campus and internet resources. Formerly PDEV C101. 54 hours lecture.

Advisory: ENGL C040.

This course introduces students to the process of academic and career planning by means of personal and group exercises. Skills such as thinking critically, using college resources, developing personal awareness, and identifying motivational factors are explored, and topics of diversity are addressed. 36 hours lecture.

Offered online and in Ridgecrest and Lake Isabella every semester, and in Bishop and Mammoth Lakes every Fall.

Advisory: ENGL C070.

This classroom-based, guidance experience teaches students a quantifiable decision-making process that helps them identify and plan for their education and career goals. Students explore academic interests, skills, values, and personality types, and research employers and industries. Students advance public speaking and interview skills through practice, familiarize themselves with college and job search tools, and learn goal setting. The culmination of this process is the development of an internet based education and career ten-year plan that can be used for advisory and academic coaching purposes and updated as needed. The personalized ten-year plan provides focus and motivation to succeed in college, at work, and in life. 54 hours lecture.

Advisory: ENGL C070.

This course provides an introduction to the transfer research process designed for planning long term educational and career goals. Universities, transfer requirements, application process, degrees offered, housing, financial aid, scholarships, and supportive services are evaluated. 18 hours lecture.

Offered online only every Fall.

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