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CC Rocks Welcome to Fall 2020

CC Rocks

CC Rocks Drive Thru

Welcome to Fall 2020!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

**Safety precautions mandated by the state will be taken during this event. Masks must be worn**

Time of event: 9:00am-11:00am
and again at 5:00pm-7:00pm

Cerro Coso is here to help you transfer. Attend our various Transfer Awareness Week Zoom sessions designed to help make your transfer as smooth as possible.

You can request and RSPV for your printed schedule or you can ask for your schedule when you drive up. First 50 people (each round) will receive a taco voucher from Oasis Mexican Restaurant when you pick up your schedule.

We are offering students a chance to come up and take their FALL 2020 student ID photo during this event, you will need to fill out an ID Card application before you come up.

We will have counseling staff on hand as well as ACCESS counselors, where you can make a quick appointment for a later date to speak with them about your schedule or any further assistance you may need.

Barnes and Noble will be on campus will be providing assistance to students who will need to order books before classes start this fall.

For more information, please contact Katie Bachman at outreach@cerrocoso.edu or (760) 384-6150

Stay Connected! Show Your Pride! Make your mark this fall and announce that you are #CCBOUND

Stay Connected
Show Your Pride!

Make your mark this fall and announce that you are #CCBOUND

CC Rocks Virtual

Welcome to Fall 2020!

We invite all new and returning students to attend the virtual zoom session on Thursday, August 20, 2020. Sessions are as follows:

What You Need to Know Before You Start This Fall.

Time: 10:00am. Register for zoom session

Presenters: Fabian Meneses and Ashley Thompson

  • What to expect the first week
  • Add/dropping courses
  • Paying for classes
  • Support Services
  • And so much More

Counseling, Athletics and Student Life Information

Time: 1:00pm. Register for zoom session

Presenters: John McHenry, Tyson Huffman, Melissa Gross, and Katie Bachman

  • Counseling services throughout the semester
  • Athletics, what to expect this fall.
  • Student Government and Clubs
  • Student life on "campus"

ACCESS Programs and Services, Library and LAC Support

Time: 3:00pm. Register for zoom session

Presenters: Penny Talley, Erica Woodberry, Tyson Huffman, and Julie Cornett

  • ACCESS Programs and what services you may be qualified for
  • Library support services and assistance through the fall
  • Tutoring services at CC

CC Icebreaker with Cerro Coso VP's and CC Staff

Time: 5:00pm. Register for zoom session

CONTEST for BEST SELFIE! Take a picture enjoying your favorite treat and post with the hashtag #CCBOUND and you could win a (donated) Amazon gift card. Come and meet staff and fellow new students! There will be a virtual scavenger hunt and a contest for the best decorated ice cream. Don’t forget to take a photo of you and your ice cream and share #CCBOUND on social media platforms.

ASK a Cerro Coso Current Student or Alumni!

Time: 6:00pm. Register for zoom session

Meet other current or past students of Cerro Coso. We want you to be successful and enjoy your time at CC before you graduate, transfer or join the workforce by asking fellow students what worked for them while attending CC.

For more information please contact Katie Bachman at outreach@cerrocoso.com or (760) 384-6150

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