Cerro Coso Community College

Studying Hard

College Goals

Cerro Coso Community College has established the following goals that relate to various aspects of the college in concert with our mission.

Strategic Goal #1: Student Success

  1. Increase Completion
    • Improve just-in-time communication to students
    • Improve CTE completion rate
  2. Improve Milestone Achievements
    • Increase persistence at KRV and among CTE students
    • Improve basic skills achievement
  3. Increase Student Engagement
    • Increase scope and use of ESCC Learning Assistance Center
    • Expand EOPS opportunities supportive of educational goals
    • Improve online student engagement

Strategic Goal #2: Equity

  1. Close Achievement Gaps
    • Narrow gaps in access for underrepresented groups
    • Narrow gaps in matriculation completion by underrepresented groups
    • Narrow gaps in performance by underrepresented groups
    • Improve success rates for DSPS and EOPS students, particularly in basic skills
    • Review and analyze equity gaps at the campus level

Strategic Goal #3: Access

  1. Optimize Student Enrollment
    • Grow enrollments
    • Increase assistance with prospective and first year students in Financial Aid and Admissions and Records
    • Expand student enrollment in engineering pathway to CSULB
  2. Be the Higher Education Option of First Choice
    • Optimize strategies for recruitment and outreach
    • Improve public awareness and participation in the college programs, services, and activities
    • Increase high school yield

Strategic Goal #4: Community Connections

  1. Provide Workforce and Economic Development Programs that Respond to Local Industry
    • Increase college prominence in local workforce development
    • Implement Adult Education Plan (AB86)
  2. Reflect the Communities We Serve
    • Promote a diverse workforce and provide specific plans for ensuring equal employment opportunity
    • Increase the percentage of available child care opportunities going to student families

Strategic Goal #5: Organization Effectiveness

  1. Provide Effective Professional Development
    • Provide targeted professional development for faculty to support goals, objectives, strategies, and actions in this Strategic Plan
    • Establish an infrastructure for ongoing professional development
    • Improve employee understanding of board policies and procedures
  2. Meet and Exceed Internal and External Standards and Requirements
    • Meet External Standards for SLO Assessment and Internal Standards for Program Review Completion
    • Improve the effectiveness of the Continuing Education program
    • Improve the effectiveness of the Budget Development committee
  3. Increase Trust and Create a Collaborative Culture
    • Improve communication internally
  4. Improve Facilities and Maintenance
    • Complete the main building modernization project
    • Complete Kern River Valley campus renovation project
    • Improve M&O response time for work requests
    • Improve grounds
    • Keep technology current
  5. Improve Institutional Effectiveness
    • Increase opportunities for ongoing feedback to Financial Aid and Admissions and Records
    • Increase automated processes in Admissions and Records
    • Ensure consistency of HR functions
    • Foster Fiscal Responsibility
  6. Generate Revenue
    • Actively pursue CTE grants that align with the mission of the district and the college
    • Improve alumni base, interactions, and relationships
    • Strengthen CCCC Foundation, Inc. through providing vision, leadership, strategic direction, and administrative oversight

For more details see the complete Strategic Plan 2015-2018

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